Summer 2023

Aquatics Programs

We are working this Spring to get the Siltanen Pool open for Summer 2023 - please give us some time to sort this out and we'll announce as soon as we know dates and details. There are some challenges and  we do not have anything to announce as of May 3rd.

We understand and hear you that the community wants to bring back:

  • Pool Parties
  • Rec Swim
  • Swim Classes

We will announce once we have information about what will be available for Summer.  We do not have a swim schedule yet. We are not accepting reservations yet.  We are waiting on key pieces like our Health Permit and a pool operator. Want to be sure you hear the latest? Sign up for our mailing list.


Our 20 foot by 40 foot instructional pool is now maintained by a pool maintenance company. It will be cleaned and heated on a regular schedule.

More information

Please feel free to email us and make sure your Active account is set to receive email notifications.