Public Records Act Requests

The City of Scotts Valley understands and supports the public’s right to access the public records created and maintained by the City in the course of their normal business. It is the goal of the City to provide service that is transparent and includes timely access to records in accordance with the California Public Records Act.

The following records are available on the City’s website:

     •     Agendas and Minutes for City Council and Commissions:  Agendas page

     •    Scotts Valley Municipal Code:  Municode 

     •    Resolutions (2018-Present), Ordinances (~2013-present), Forms, Policies, Fee Schedules:   Municipal Documents

     •    Current Budget information:  Online Budget Book

If you are unable to locate the documents you are seeking or need assistance, please submit a Public Records Act (PRA) Request Form.

Please be aware that under California Government Code Sections 6250 et seq, the City has ten (10) days after you submit this form to determine whether the record(s) you have requested is subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act. In certain circumstances, including requests for unusually voluminous records, the City may inform you that it may take up to fourteen (14) additional days to consider your request.

After the City has determined whether the record(s) requested is subject to disclosure, you will be notified of the determination and the reasons therefore. If the City determines that the documents you have requested are subject to disclosure, they will be produced within a reasonable time thereafter.

Most records are available in PDF form and can be emailed for no charge, however there is a charge of 10 cents per page if hard copies are requested.