How do I begin the permit process?

Visit the Planning and Building Departments during counter hours so that staff may assist you with zoning information, permitted uses, and details regarding requirements on your plans and the number of copies to submit.

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1. How do I find out what the zoning district is for a specific parcel?
2. How can I determine what uses are allowed in a particular zoning district?
3. What is the Planning Department Phone Number?
4. What are the Planning Department hours?
5. How do I begin the permit process?
6. How long does the permit process take?
7. Do I need a tree removal permit?
8. How do I obtain a Use Permit, Design Review, Variance Permit, Land Division Permit, or Rezoning Permit?
9. How do I get a copy of an assessor's parcel map?
10. Can I have a guest cottage or second dwelling unit?